High Density Polyethylene Board Sheets

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High Density Polyethylene Board Sheets


HDPE sheet refers to a type of sheet made of High-Density Polyethylene, which has various applications and is commonly used in industries, construction, agriculture, etc.


  1. Durability: HDPE sheet exhibits excellent wear and corrosion resistance, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.
  2. High Strength: This material has high strength and stiffness, able to withstand certain heavy pressure and tension.
  3. Chemical Stability: HDPE sheet possesses good chemical stability, resistant to corrosion by various chemicals.
  4. Environmental Friendly: As a plastic material, HDPE sheet can be recycled, with relatively low environmental impact.


HDPE sheet is primarily made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a petroleum-based plastic material with excellent mechanical and chemical properties.


  1. Waterproofing: HDPE sheet can be used as a waterproof layer for roofs, basements, and pools, providing waterproof protection.
  2. Isolation: In civil engineering, HDPE sheet can be used as an isolation layer to prevent the mutual penetration of different materials.
  3. Packaging: HDPE sheet can be used for packaging materials, protecting goods from damage and contamination.
  4. Manufacturing: HDPE sheet can be processed into various products such as containers, pipes, tanks, etc.
MaterialHigh-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Thickness Range2mm to 25mm
Sheet SizeCustomizable
Color OptionsBlack, White, Custom Colors
Surface FinishSmooth or Textured
Temperature Resistance-50°C to 80°C (-58°F to 176°F)
Density0.96 g/cm³

Product Certification

Quality Testing

Before reaching our customers, each batch of HDPE sheets undergoes rigorous quality testing.

Our HDPE sheets meet the highest industry standards and have obtained certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ensuring that our products adhere to strict quality control measures.

Packaging and Shipping

Our HDPE sheets are carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transportation. Standard packaging includes:

  • Wrapped Bundles: Securely bundled and wrapped to prevent scratches.
  • Outer protection: Applied to surfaces to maintain the aesthetic quality.
  • Corner protection: prevent collision damage
  • Labeling: Clear labeling of product specifications for easy identification.

Our shipping process is streamlined to ensure timely and safe delivery, with options for customization based on customer requirements.

Our HDPE sheets offer a reliable and sustainable solution for diverse applications. Backed by stringent quality control measures, certifications, and successful case studies, our product stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in both manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

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Physical Datasheet:

ItemHDPE sheet
ColorWhite / Black / Green 
Heat resistance (continuous)90℃
Heat resistance (short-term)110
Melting point120℃
Glass transition temperature_
Linear thermal expansion coefficient (average 23~100℃)155×10-6m/(m.k)
(Dipping into water at 23℃0.0001
Bending tensile stress/ Tensile stress off shock30/-Mpa
Tensile modulus of elasticity900MPa
Compressive stress of normal strain-1%/2%3/-MPa
Friction coefficient0.3
Rockwell hardness62
Dielectric strength>50
Volume resistance≥10 15Ω×cm
Surface resistance≥10 16Ω
Relative dielectric constant-100HZ/1MHz2.4/-
Bonding capacity0
Food contact+
Acid resistance+
Alkali resistance+
Carbonated water resistance+
Aromatic compound resistance0
Ketone resistance+

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